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"One of you get Castillo's handcuffs," yells Elizabeth over the noise of the generators.

She doesn't have handcuffs. Of course she doesn't.

"Right!" yells Emmie, helping the police officer to his feet.

They speak, Castillo still seems dazed, but Bina can't hear them over the noise of the generators.

>Kendra: Don't stop with the generators! That gateway still needs to close.

"Got it!" says Kendra at the controls of the second generator. Bina had missed her there entirely, but she had apparently been working the controls.

"Two down."

This is going to go bad. Gregor is too confident. He seemed far more hesitant and confused when she was alone.

The generator beside Kendra dies with a rattle. Two down, as Kendra said, and two left. The portal shrinks but does not close.

This is going to go bad, it's going to go bad… but how?