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Lady, you better cover his eyes quick or he's about to become a green light zombie.

"Cover his eyes!" whispers Emmie, as loud as he dares.

Elizabeth looks up, confused and startled.

"Cover his eyes!"

"I don't think that's going to-"

>Pull him into cover

"Aaand now she's gone," says Emmie.

[size=8]"Her eyes! Did you see her eyes!? So many!"

"Shut up!"

"So many beautiful eyes…"[/size]

Unclever Title:
>Either interrupt his line of vision or take his gun.

"And now she's back…"


"Christ, she better know how to use that thing, or she's going to get everyone killed!"


Alice Winters:
Just caught up. +1 more Reader

Aah! Thank you for reading!