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"What you can do?"


"For her." says Bina. "It's what you can do for her?"

"Yes!" says Gregor.

>Bina: "But why? Why is it NECESSARY? Why is it all you can do? If I know WHY this MUST be done, I may just be convinced and go with you willingly! No need for any chasing or shooting!"
Or something to that effect.

"Then tell me what she wants!" says Bina. "I'm trying to understand, I've been trying to understand this whole time, but she doesn't talk to me the way she talks to you. All I've seen her do is hurt people and break things. Why is she here? What does she want?"

"Does it matter? She is wanting you alive," says Gregor. "For now. Is this not enough? Are you not knowing how this works? Have you never seen Hollywood movie? Come here now, or I will be having to shoot you."

"I do not want to be shooting you. Please. It is over."

Despite his words, Gregor's gun is steady, pointing straight at her chest.