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Don't look at the gun. Don't look at the gun and keep talking.

> Bina to Gregor at some point: "Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you're the bad guy in this scenario, and the Botfly has just taken advantage of you? Because the universe is falling apart, and you're helping it happen - by KIDNAPPING people. Maybe think about it a little."

"Why are you doing this Gregor?" asks Bina.

"I'm not just asking, I really want to know. I mean - I don't know you and maybe I'm wrong - but this? Who does this? Time is falling apart. You're kidnapping people. There is a whole lot of terrible stuff happening and a lot of it is because of you. You don't seem to get off on hurting people so why do this?"

"Because it is…" he pauses. "Important? No, I don't have words! It - it is not enough - necessary? Is this word? Yes, necessary. Because it is necessary. Because it is what I can do."