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"We have to get out of here," says Emmie.

"Why?" asks Kendra. "What's he saying?"

Gregor has been speaking in English.

"He wants Bina to go out to him," says Emmie. "And he threatened Ms. Edwards for some reason."

"It's not Edwards," says Bina. "It's Kendra. He thinks she's police for some reason."

"What?" asks Emmie. "Why?"

"I don't know!" says Kendra. "Maybe because he has only the most tenuous grasp on reality?"

Dave Rapp:
Parlay. If he's just here to nab you he wouldn't be asking as nicely as he is. If he wants to talk, talk.

"I should go talk to him," says Bina.


"That sounds like a very bad idea," says Emmie. "People do not pull guns on you because they want to make friends."

"This may be our only chance to get him to talk!" says Bina.

"And this may be his only chance to shoot you!" says Kendra. "Bina, no. Don't do this."