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"OK, it's gone," says Bina. "Go."

"This is not good," says Kendra.

"I know! Just - lets do this now!"

"All right, gimme a second to figure out how to shut them down," says Kendra. "It has to be easy, nobody would build something like this without a way to shut it down fast."

"What about me?" asks Emmie. "What should I - "


"Oh god! Emmie! Don't look over -"

Unclever Title:
>If at all possible keep Emmie from staring into the green light.

"I got him!" says Bina. "Do the machine!"


1) It's really been interesting seeing all the different styles in this! I started a couple weeks ago and read it all in a couple days, just now decided to pipe up.
2) kudos to being spooky as shit while still letting me sleep at night, seriously well done

Thank you for reading! I'm glad you like the different styles. I'm always a little worried when I start a new one if people will go for it, but so far, everyone has.

Crossing my fingers that keeps going. :)

I'm glad you could sleep at night. I don't think I've really scared people successfuly with this, it's too long and the interactivity kind of makes pacing tricky, but spooky. I do like my spooky.