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> If you get trapped in there with two naughts you're screwed. Better to live to attempt to fix time another day.

"We don't want to get trapped in here!" says Bina.

"Too late!" says Emmie.

Do we know for sure it's coming here?

Oh wait, what am I saying, of course it is.

Evasive maneuvers!

"Dammit!" says Bina, grabbing the two of them. "Back here! Quick!"

All three of them wedge themselves into the small alcove the back of the generator extends into. It's hot, and dry, the metal cauldron of the generator rumbling beside them.

"Sorry!" says Emmie. "They're so fast."

"If it comes this way we're screwed," says Kendra.

"I'm reeeally missing my hammer," says Bina.

The naught ignores them, it's body a nearly random collection of limbs, extra skulls pock mark it's torso, like plague scars, and the unconscious or possibly dead form of a middle-aged woman nearly encased in it's waxy flesh.

It lurches past them, it's uneven limbs dragging long troughs through the muddy water.

It disappears around the corner of their generator, and after a few seconds, it's footsteps are lost in the hum of the machines.

"Crap," says Kendra. "Crap! This is not good."