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"This would be a lot easier if we had Eight's thing."

"Eight's thing?"

"Her naught killing thing! Her plan! She was building it before her loop got reset."

"Oh riiight," says Kendra. "Well it clearly didn't work, because her loop got reset."

"You go watch Horatio and Gregor," says Kendra. "I've got to figure these out."

"Or maybe," says Bina, creeping back to peer around the humming generator again. "Maybe her loop got reset because it was working."

"Could be," says Kendra. "Doesn't help us now…"

"And I am now realizing that this is not actually a control panel."


"It's just fuel levels and pressure gauges," says Kendra. "Display only, no input."

"Well where's the control panel then?"

"If I had to guess, I'd say on the other side of the room?"

"You mean the one behind the portal? The inacessible one? That side of the room?"



"We can still shut them down manually," says Kendra. "I think… probably."

"One at a time…" says Bina.