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"OK," says Bina. "Lets just turn it off. We have to go get Gregor's uncle and the building lady anyways, we'll just… get all the rest of them too. They'll be fine."

"Right," says Kendra, distracted. "Sure."

"So… unplug the power bar right? That's probably the easiest way."

That gets Kendra's attention, "Woah, wait, no. That's my old pal Horatio over there."

There is still a naught standing next to the time machine.

"He is a nasty one. We don't want to tangle with him. Not up close."

"Can we… distract it? Maybe we could jump it and -"

…Can we turn the generators off?

"Maaaaaaybe," says Kendra, cutting her off. "Or we could, you know, just turn off the generators."

"Oh!" says Bina, feeling a bit daft. "Right, yeah, that's - that's a better idea. Let's do that."


Hey! It's an interview with me and btp and Akumu!

It was cool! I am sure I sound like a doof, but Akumu and btp were very professional.