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> Make sure you're as close to the door as possible. Ideally, wait until he investigates the changes and is no longer between you and the door.

Then leg it.

That's not a bad idea but -

Too late.

> Come up with completely reasonable[citation needed] and utterly believable[citation needed] explanation.

Uh, Bina says that she, uh. There was uhhh… the washing machine…

Oh god, he's got a shovel.

Ah, the man says, you are awake. This is good. He is just coming back from construction site after dropping off washing machine.

He is taking the long way round so he may be checking to see if uninvited guest had any more little friends who like to be poking their noses into other peoples business.

He is going to lock door now. Ok? Is good idea.

See? He does it.

Bippedy boo. Like that.

We are not wanting any more pesky police disturbing our work.


Goodbye ghost Bina, we hardly knew you. Live forever on Keiros imgur in peace.