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Dave Rapp:
I wonder if those several problems have several additional body parts?

"Do these problems have lots of extra limbs?"

"Some of them do," says Kendra.

"Oh good…"

"Get in here and shhh!"

Unclever title:
>Bina: Get in there.

Bina gets in there.

"What about me?" asks Emmie.

"Can you watch the hall? I think other naughts will be coming this way and getting surprised would suck."

"I - yes. I can do this" says Emmie. "I will fend them off with stern looks and harsh language."

"Or you could, you know, just tell us and then hide?" suggests Bina.

"That sounds like a much better plan," says Emmie. "I will do that. Be… careful, ok?"

Kendra and Bina both agree to be careful.