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"Why aren't they killing you!?" hisses Edwards from the doorway.

Amie's plan: Take slightly longer than a jiffy.

"Well!" says Amie, wading through the piles of bagged laundry, "I have a theory about that!"

"I'm pretty sure THESE naughties have been told to get our friend Mel here, and that's it! That's their only instruction. The one we saw upstairs, and the ones we heard about in the emergency room, they're probably following instructions to grab anyone and take them somewhere spooky, but these ones, they're just after her, so they're ignoring me! We coulda all just tramped in here right away and they'd all just sorta moan at us."

As if on queue, the naughts make one of their semi synchronized moans.

"Precisely!" says Amie. "Like that!"

She pauses, thinking. "I guess that's a pretty serious problem with perfectly obedient servant-soldiers, they're not so great at the lateral thinking!"

"Will you. Hurry. Up!" pants Melissa from the chute. "You can. Be smug. Later!"

"Oh!" says Amie. "Right! No trouble. Here goes!"


Sweet flipping butts I just got here. What the actual- I mean, I ran out of "WTFs" ages ago with the dumpster-time-machine so- I mean the thing with the whole time travel and the botfly taking advantage of people's wants and this is all bullshit and I love it and it's so stupid and so anxiety inducing and you're doing a great job Zach aaaaaaaaa

Ok, none of that made any sense at all, but just- congratulations on breaking the 1000 page milestone and thank you for making this comic!

I need sleep.

Thank you for reading Camerch! I am sorry for depleating your supply of WTFs!