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>We can either go one floor up and try to get that grate open, or we can try to sufficiently distract the naughts that they all follow, and then trap them. I see no reason not to attempt both if trapping them is feasible.

"OK, crap, OK," Elizabeth whispers panicked. "So, OK, we could go - ok, we could go up one floor and find the grate, right? It's a laundry chute, there should be entrances on every floor. Find the laundry room and pull the grating off - no, hold on, she might - some of us should stay here, just in case."

Elizabeth pauses for a second, thinking.

"You two, wait - one of you should stay here - OK, Castillo? Come with me. Edwards, Amie, don't do anything stupid. If she falls, or they grab her, try to do something for her but don't risk your own neck."

"How the heck are we supposed to do something about all that without risking our own necks?" asks Amie.

"Use your initiative!" whispers Elizabeth "OK! We're going, come on Castillo."

Elizabeth casts a sharp glance at Amie, but doesn't say anything before vanishing into the inky darkness with Castillo.