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[size=10]"Gimme the light,"[/size] says Amie.

[size=10]"What?"[/size] asks Edwards.

[size=10]"Someone gimme a light!"[/size]

[size=10]"Here,"[/size] says Castillo. [size=10]"Take mine. What are you going to do?"[/size]

Signal by flashing the flashlight.

[size=10]"Edwards, turn your light off. I'm goinna try talking to her with flashes."[/size]

>Flash the torch, see if they know Morse Code.

[size=10]"Ahh,"[/size] says Castillo. [size=10]"Morse Code."[/size]

Everybody knows Morse Code, right??

[size=10]"What?"[/size] asks Amie. [size=10]"No! I don't know Morse Code. I was just going to try for the old one flash yes, two flash no thing. Do you know Morse Code?"[/size]

[size=10]"Uhhh, no,"[/size] says Castillo. [size=10]"Not at all. No, wait, I tell a lie, I know 'SoS' but that's about it."[/size]

[size=10]"What about you two?"[/size]

[size=10]"What do you think?"[/size] asks Edwards, in a tone that answers the question.

[size=10]"I dunno, you might have grown up on a boat or something,"[/size] says Amie, frowning.

[size=8]"I used too,"[/size] says Elizabeth. [size=10]"Know the code I mean, not grow up on a boat. When I was a kid. I really liked radios."[/size]

[size=10]"Does that help us now?"[/size] asks Amie.

[size=10]"It… does not."[/size]

[size=10]"Great!"[/size] says Amie. [size=10]"Just great. One for yes, two for no it is."[/size]

"Aha! Yes! OK! Hello! OK! Can you repeat that? I see - all right, a - e - r - m - o - o - o - aaaaaand you don't know Morse Code and are just flickering randomly. Fantastic!"

One of the naughts thumps hard on the side of the chute causing the person inside the chute to scream and then there is the sound of more kicking.

[size=10]"Well of course she'd know the danged code,"[/size] mutters Amie.

"Are you trying to communicate with me? If you are, and you're not just one of these things who has a flashlight for some reason. How about we go with one for yes, two for no!?" calls the voice in the chute in a tone of what, to Amie, sounds like someone trying not to panic.

[size=10]"At least they're quick on the uptake,"[/size] Amie says, flashing the light once.

"Was that on purpose?"

One flash. Yes.

"OK! First question! Pretty simple. Can you get me the hell out of here?"