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>Go toward the obvious doom and destruction.

Sneak up on them VERY QUIETLY to see what they're up to

"OK, we're going to go slow and quiet," whispers Amie. "We're not going to spook them and, and this is very important and I need you all to listen, we are not going to shoot them. OK? Because we might hit the people they've grabbed and because they don't really seem impressed with bullets."

The two police officers grumble an agreement while Elizabeth nods.

"Go team!" whispers Amie, trying to ignore the exasperated groan behind her from the police.

A few moments of creeping forward leads them to a door, slightly open.

The groans of the naughts mixed with some hollow banging emerge from the small space between the jam and the door.

"They're in there!" whispers Amie.

Amie reaches out to the door to push it open -

"Wait!" hisses Edwards.

"What?" asks Amie, annoyed.

They're waiting for us……it's a trap!

"What do we do if they spot us?"

"We run!" whispers Amie, annoyed.

She reaches out again.



"You saw how fast that thing was. You really think 'run' is going to cut it?"

"Fine, I have a better plan, we'll run really fast. Now shh!"

Amie reaches out -

- and opens the door.