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Run towards the dangerous monsters!

[size=8]"Come on!"[/size] whispers Amie.

[size=8]"Wait!"[/size] hisses Edwards.

[size=8]"You going to run towards the fricking monsters?"[/size]

[size=8]"Well,"[/size] says Amie [size=8]"Yeah. That's what we're here for, isn't it? What were you planning on doing?"[/size]

[size=8]"Well… uhh,"[/size] Edwards hesitates. [size=8]"Sneak up on them maybe? I hadn't really thought that far ahead."[/size]

[size=8]"What a surprise,"[/size] whispers Castillo. [size=8]"That neeever happens."[/size]

[size=8]"We should really be calling for backup,"[/size] says Edwards.

>Stand still for a moment. Which way are the Naughts moving?

[size=8]"They're not moving."[/size]


[size=8]"If they were moving, they would be getting louder or quieter,"[/size] explains Elizabeth in a whisper with what sounds to Amie like forced calm. [size=8]"They're not doing either, which means they're not moving."[/size]