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>Realize arguing about potential weaponry isn't going to get you anywhere. Try listening for any less than natural sounding noises

"Shut up!" says Amie.

"That's what I'm saying!" says Castillo.

"No! Shut up now."


[size=8]"Shhh! Listen,"[/size] hisses Amie.

[size=8]"Listen to what?"[/size]


Hear warning growl.

Actually did the naughts ever growl or make any sound with their vocal cords? I can't remember.

[size=8]"There's more than one,"[/size] whispers Edwards. [size=8]"A lot more."[/size]

[size=8]"Maybe not,"[/size] says Castillo. [size=8]"Maybe one of them has multiple mouths,"[/size]

[size=8]"Not really makin' me feel any better there buddy,"[/size] whispers Edwards.


So hey! In 'why didn't he do that before, I mean really' news, I have made the landing page of this website just display the latest comic rather than redirecting you to the latest page thus making it awkward and inconvenient to bookmark.

I have no idea why I thought the other way was a good idea, but hey! Fixed now.

Better late then never. Right?

… right?

Anyway. I'm going to try to tidy up the site a little, as it's pretty basic right now, and I'd like it to be more friendly looking if/when I decide to promote it. Is there anything obvious missing aside from the landing page?

I finally caught up! Go me! +1 reader
I'm a sucker for time travel stories and also the colour green, and lookie here you seem to have plenty of both of those things. Plus I really like your art, you're very good at changing styles

Hi Soleki! I'm quite fond of time travel and the colour green as well. Thank you for reading!

I'm always happy when people tell me they like changes in style. Every time I do one I worry I may have gone too far… like the Adventure Time one? First few pages made me think I'd made a tragic mistake.