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Did that thing over there say MEAT?

What? It says… "Change". 'Cause it's a change machine. You put money in it. You get change.

It's always said "Change".


That's right isn't it?

Bina is unnerved.

> Investigate the TV. There could be some funky hoojoo going on here.

Bina approaches the TV. It doesn't look particularly hoojoo-ey, but Bina's not really clear on what hoojoo is or how one might identify it.

This TV might be all UP in that hoojoo and she'd not even know it.

Bina thinks she should stop with the word hoojoo now.

Throw the tv on the ground and stomp it. You've seen enough horror movies before to know where this is going.

>There seem to be no reception. Hitting it ought to fix it!

Bina considers smashing the TV. This whole situation is sort of weird, and kind of scary.

She gives the TV a couple of good raps on the side instead. It doesn't appear to do anything. The picture remains fuzzy.

> Well, make sure to turn it off on your way past.

Bina decides to turn the TV off.