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>Follow those handprints!

"Let's follow those handprints!"


"Sorry, that was loud," says Kendra. "Emmie? Where are the generators?"

"Uhh…" says Emmie. "All the way down the hall and 'round the corner. They're practically on the other side of the building."

"Do you know where those handprints lead?"

"No, I mean - look. I've been down here maybe twice in the three years I've worked here? It could be storage, or maybe biohazard disposal?"

"OK, you lot go that way. I'll just grab my sister and meet up with you."


So the ads are gone, that's good. It looks like they're some new feature that Disqus is calling "Reveal" which is apparently their code-word for "Click Bait Article Blob".

They sent me an e-mail when they activated it, but judging by the e-mail, they just straight up turned it on without my permission. So that's great.