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"All right! Shh… here we go."

Amie about two-thirds expecting something horrible to jump out at her the moment she opens the doors. It's only two-thirds because about one-third of her mind is still convinced that she fell asleep writing fanfic again and this is just an incredibly vivid dream.

Sneak a light in there, get a good look before anything

No monsters leap out at her. She is mildly disappointed. They could at least make an effort.

The flashlights of the police officers sweep across the hallway.

"Well crap," whispers Edwards. "That is a long dark hallway."

It is a long dark hallway. Amie had been expecting a big room, maybe with something big and glowing they could smash or deactivate. How are they supposed to search all that?

"You see the handprints?" murmurs Castillo.

"Yes," breaths Elizabeth. "Probably the guy who was grabbed. He was still able to move."

"There's a lot of handprints for one person," says Edwards.

"Looks like our assumption was correct then," says Elizabeth. "They must be bringing them down here."


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