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"How deep does this go?"

"Er… well there are two sub-basements, so about four stories from here."

"Two sub-basements."

"Please come away from the edge. Everyone? Come away. Please. It's dangerous."

"Which level is the generator on? Why am I even asking. It's the second one, isn't it? The one this thing just crawled into."

"Yes, it's one of the only things on that level. Please come away from the edge."

"My sister is down there," says Kendra. Not sounding angry, just resigned.

"My sister is down there because of course she is."

Amie> Yay! You're being a hero and solving a monster mystery! This is great! Follow that slime guy!

"We have to go after them!" says Amie. To her credit, there is genuine concern mixed with her excitement. "This way! To the stairs!"


OH! So these panels are showing the Hallway/Bathroom and not the current floor and one above it?

This scene worked a lot better in my head.

I'm kinda committed to it now, and besides it's almost over, but yeah, this ended up being more confusing then I wanted it to be.