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>Amie: Today is The Day, the one you have been preparing for your whole life. Today, Amie, is the day YOU are The Doctor!

"Wait!" says Amie, stepping in front of the two people running down the hallway and asking, "What are you running from? What's going on?"

"There's something - some kind of attack," says the woman, a nurse, looking breathless.

"There was a guy," says the man. "But there was something wrong with him. He looked sick, really sick, and dirty. I didn't notice at first, everything being so dark, but when he walked past me he made this wheezing, gurgling noise and I realized he was naked, not even a gown but he was just covered in this black grime."

"I heard people yelling about water coming in under the doors and then I see the same guy, he's walking through the ER, and I see him immediately 'cause he was walking all funny. This guy sort of stumbles up to the desk, up in front of Edith, and I'm thinking 'Has he been in an accident?' because by this point I know something's wrong and -"

"- he just sort of reached out at her across the desk and I realized there was something really wrong with his arms - "

"- too many joints -"

"- and he just went over the table, not even stopping to say anything, just scrambled right over the table towards Edith and -"

"- his back split right open -"

"- just like squeezing a grapefruit -"

"- there were things inside it -"

"- it sounds crazy -"

"- I looked up and saw two more people the same way, coming down the radiology hallway, naked and covered in the dirty water -"

"- everyone just started screaming -"

"- I'm not getting paid enough for this -"

"- I've seen enough movies -"

"- you don't want to go that way -"

"- we're off!"

Story finished, they start running again, away from the ER.

"Did that whole thing just feel really really unnatural to anyone else?" asks Bina.

"What are you talking about?" asks Amie, starting to run again. "Come on! We're going to lose Edwards and Castillo."

"So just me then," mutters Bina.