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>Bina: Ascend

Bina! Don't try to deal with Gregor. He outweighs you by like 300 pounds. Just run.

He is not THAT big really, but still, she should be running. And call police!

What about the person in the bag? The one that Gregor just brought in.

You really want to send tiny girl against Gregor? He is soldier. She is waitress.

Maybe not. Aaand she is gone. I think. Can't see much from this angle.

Was good throw you know. Of scarf. Good throw.


You think mebbe we should have told her about little dog? She is say wrong thing and well… things… they do not go so good for her.

Oh crap, we didn't tell her? Shit. Bina! BINA!?

Bina! Don't mention Piotr to Gregor!