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So, being the policeman and -woman that you are, do a thing! You probably are supposed to do a thing when you see people running away from an unknown assailant. Even if its just calming someone enough to gather information.

"We're going to check it out."

Bina waits for Elizabeth to tell them no, that this is not their job today, that they're dealing with something very important and that running off into dark hallways after screams of unknown origin, while commendable as an impulse, is, perhaps, not the correct thing to do just at this moment.

She waits, but knows it won't come.

"Right," says Elizabeth, not protesting.

They're gone in a flash of neon pants.

"We're coming too!" says Amie, because of course she does.

Everyone starts moving towards the door, even though this is not their job and is also a very bad idea.

"Well," mutters Bina. "Here comes the running part."