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And without a Doctor (or a suitable stand in) to swoop in at the nick of time, things are going to go sour quicker than "Turn Left" did.

"We are in trouble," says Amie.

"That isn't a normal scream," says Emmie, who by this point in his career has become something of a connoisseur of screams. "People scream here, but not like that."

It had been a panicked scream, a scream of terror.

I hope your legs are healed up Bina, because there's probably going to be an awful lot of running to do.

"Dangit! I told you!" says Bina. "Now I'm going to end up having to run again."

"Where was that coming from?" asks Elizabeth.

"Hallway," says Kendra.

"This is happening isn't it?" says Amie. "This is actually happening. I'm supposed to be in intro-psych right now, but I'm here, and this is happening."

Without really meaning too, everyone finds themselves standing up.

"Hey!" Bina says to the police peering out the door. "Care to share what's going on out there?"


This ended up being a lot more 'pose as a team'-ey than I set out to make it.