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"They still at it?"

"Yeah, you get anyone on the horn?"

"Nobody, just static. You think they were telling the truth about that pair of cops?"

"You tell me, were they talking any sense when you went over there?"

"The current topic of conversation was ghosts. Ghosts in dreams or dreams of ghosts? I didn't quite catch it."

"And as a result of hearing this and being unable to raise our superiors you have decided the correct response is more coffee?"

"I got a late start today, this is just me catching up."

"The last one was you catching up. What's this one for?"

"Keeping me sharp?" suggests Officer Castillo, taking a long drink. "In case of monsters?"

They stand for a while in silence. The low buzz of the conversation mixes with the sounds of various hospital staff hurrying back and forth in the hallway and the constant drum of rain on the tall windows.

"You believe in ghosts or anything Castillo?" asks Edwards.

There's a long pause before Castillo answers, "I guess."

"You guess?"

"Maybe? Not like Casper or whatever, but energy? Yeah. I believe in that. I don't know if it's ghosts exactly but have you ever been somewhere that was just hostile? Wanted you gone?"

"The big reference library in Toronto," says Edwards. "I had to do a bunch of research there for my degree. Gave me the goddam creeps, I kid you not. If anywhere is actually haunted, it is that place. I always felt like I needed a bath after spending five minutes in there."

"So yeah," says Castillo, finishing his coffee and looking over at the fed talking to the three weird woman and the doctor guy. "Like that. Not sure about all this though."


"So hey? Isn't this comic supposed to be interactive or something? What gives?"

Well, hypothetical reader and/or suggestion maker, you are correct. In an ideal world I would have posted all the storytelling updates at the same time, but alas, we live in a dark and fallen world where I have had to break things up into pieces. Pardon my dust.

Regular interactivity will return in, I believe, two days. Thank you for your patience.