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Team B13 needs a plan.

"Bina, we've been running for days. I agree we need to get out of here but we don't have a plan!"

"I'm good at plans!" says Amie.

"We don't need a plan," says Bina. "We just need to get out of here."

"As strategies go, that one hasn't been working out particularly well for us Bina."

Yeah, Bina's right. If we have anything to do with this, we are making a lot of people suffer by sticking around.

"We're hurting people Kendra!"

"We're not."

"I'm hurting people!"

"You don't know that," says Kendra. "Not for sure."

"I'm sure I would have much more useful things to say if I knew, at all, what you were talking about," hints Amie, with all the subtlety of a small marching band.