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They start heading through the hospital.

Nobody is exactly sneaking but they're not making excess noise either.

> [cartoon sneaking music]

This area, administration, appears deserted, they pass no doctors or staff on their way down first one hallway and then another. With the computers off due to the power outage, Bina supposes this makes sense.

Well, now turn your attention to Amie.

"This is just like Dr. Who!" whispers Amie, jumping up beside her.

Amie had made Bina watch quite a few episodes of her favorite TV series after they'd moved in together.

"No, what? This is nothing like Dr. Who. We're in serious trouble here."

"I disagree!"

"Of course you do."

"Bina, we time travelled and now we're in a dark corridor with two police, a government agent, there's monsters and I'm in my pajamas. This is exactly like Dr. Who."

"She does have a point."