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"I don't know how they keep finding me," says Bina, feeling her jaw muscles strain as she tries not to grit her teeth. "They just do."

Elizabeth already saw the green light. She time-travelled. She already saw the thing. How does she not already believe that this is too much for her??

Kendra: Tell Elizabeth that it's not a good time to be playing Agent Scully here.

"Elizabeth, please," says Kendra. "You might not trust us, but you've seen enough to know we're not entirely full of shit."

"You believe her?"


There is a long pause.

"Can we please just get out of this room?"

The single entrance and lack of hiding places is beginning to occupying a larger and larger amount of Bina's attention.

"All right."

"You cannot possibly be serious," says Pink Pants.

"I find myself dissatisfied with our current accommodations. I think the staff lounge would be a much better place to continue this conversation."

"This is a joke right?"

"The lounge has windows and people who can tell us what's gone wrong with the power and your flashlight."

"All… right. Sure boss."