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"Dammit," says Elizabeth. "God dammit. Again?"

"Wow," says Pink Pants. "That is really dark this time."

"This time?" asks Kendra.

"Happened twice before," says Amie. "The hospital apparently has generators or something. It'll kick back on again."

"Lights in the hall were on then though," says Officer Orange Pants. "I can't see anything this time."

"Maybe they ran out of gas?" suggests Pink Pants.

They wait for a while in darkness. The lights do not return.

> Bina and Kendra: Since you're wearily accustomed to this sort of thing happening, stay calm.

"They… did not run out of gas," says Bina.

> Kendra: Crap, does anyone have a light?

"Ooooohkay," says Kendra, in the voice of someone trying to back away from a cliff edge in a thunderstorm. "Does anyone have any light?"

"Oh! I do!"

Anyone who's NOT Bina?

"Does anyone other than Bina have a light?"

"Yeah, we got some," says Orange Pants.

"Eh, mine is not exactly on me, right now," says Pink Pants.

"Wait, I have a piece of kit and you don't? I have got to write this one down, what's today's date?"

"Oh har har." says Pink Pants, in a voice devoid of humour. "Very funny. Stop shining that in my face."

"Where's yours run off too then? I saw you with it earlier."

"Yeah! I, of course, had it, but when we got here I thought 'Hey! The lights are probably going to go out sometime today beceause of the dodgy power, so I'd better make sure the batteries are charged.' so I plugged it in."

There is a moment of silence as everyone digests that.

"Where did you leave it?"

"The employee lounge?"

"Go get it," says Elizabeth. "Then one of you go find out what's going on with the power, and the other come back here."