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Oh, jeez. We… probably should get over there, try to limit the damage.

"Aww jeeze, look, we need to get over there and… I dunno do you have another SWAT team? We might need - like - more people with guns. God dammit, can't anything just go reasonably well for once!"

"We're not going anywhere. I will call this in. The police on site will pull them back. You are going to stay here, and then you are going to tell me all the dangerous bullshit you didn't tell me before, so I can brief my backup when it arrives."

"When are they arriving?"

"They say they'll be here by ten."

"Ten? What ten? Ten at night!? Are you serious? What kind of response time is that?"

"They're in Ottawa, it takes a while."

"What are they doing walking here? I'm sure glad this isn't serious or anything, otherwise we might be in real trouble. Bina, back me up here."


"Are you ok?"