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>Instructions? From whom? Who knows about this?!

"Instructions? Who from?"

"My boss," says Elizabeth. "Look -"

She appears to be about to say something and instead pauses and takes a deep breath.

"I am handling this. OK? I have the device you left in the appartment, I have the main site locked down, I have a team looking for your 'guy with a shovel', and my bosses are sending backup. We are going to stay here until that backup arrives."

"Wait, a team?"

"What kind of team?" asks Bina. "Where are they?"

"A swat team. I sent them into the incident site."


"Like, two hours ago. They'll find your Russian guy and they'll arrest him. This is a good thing! Don't you get it? This is over for you two."

"Ooh… this is going to end well," says Bina in a deadpan monotone.

"Are you insane!? You sent them in before we left!"