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> Will someone PLEASE just explain what's going on here?

"Look, what is going on? Why are you holding Amie?"

"We're not holding her."


"You're kinda holding me."

"We're not-"

"When I asked to go to the bathroom, you said I needed to take Officer Fuscia over there with me."

"The lights are off. It's dark. I didn't want you to get hurt."

"You know," says Amie. "Maybe you should be in another line of work, 'cause you are just terrible at lying."

"I'm not-"

"Elizabeth! What is happening?"

"And is your head OK?" asks Bina.

"My head is fine! I'm just-"

"You were hit really hard!"


"With a shovel!"

"I got my stitches replaced and it's covered in crazy glue. I'm fine. I'm amazed you're walking around but I'm fine."

"What are you doing here Elizabeth?"

"Nothing. We are all going to do nothing. We are going to sit here and do nothing until I receive further instructions."