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>Jump anyways he can't tell you what to do!

She tries jumping anyways, because screw Petrovich.

It doesn't work.

Of course it doesn't work.

Eventually, embarassed and out of breath, she stops.

If she were someone in a story, she'd have some kind of revelation of personal purpose right about now. Or she'd suddenly express some secret power or something.

Neither of these things happen. They don't happen because she's not one of those people. She's not someone who can deal with time travel, or weird glowing snake-monster-time-things, she's just a little person, a waitress with pretensions of journalism.

Gregor is going to take her body into the basement, while she's busy trying to jump into the sky, and she'll end up stuck on the couch with Mrs. Hyung and Petrovich, bound with plastic, pouring her attention into the thing.

Making it grow.