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"Hello Elizabeth," says Kendra. "Are we under arrest?"

"All right, finally, you're both here," says Elizabeth, ignoring her. "Good."

"Are we under arrest?"

"No, just sit down."

Ask the officers how the pants strike is going. Did they already own those pants, or did they buy them specifically for the strike? How many weird pants do they own now?

"Look, I'm sorry," says Bina. "I just - I've always wanted to ask. Did you already own those pants before you were a cop, or did you buy them specifically when you got the job?"

"Huh? Oh! I bought these special. See?" says the tall one, gesturing to her hip. "It has a holster clip and everything. Can't be too careful."

"Really? I already owned these ones," says the shorter one. "I got these in college."

"Good god, why?" asks the tall one, appalled. "That orange is terrible."

"I had an adventurous youth."

"Will everyone please stop talking about pants.


I suppose this one needs a bit of an explanation. In Montreal, due to various legal restrictions, the police are not allowed to strike or walk out. This means that when they want to do things like lobby for pensions, they're kind of limited in the kind of pressure they can bring to the table.

Thus the pants. The police of Montreal, as a form of labour protest, wear the silliest pants they can find while on duty.

I am not even kidding. This is an actual thing that happens in the world.

Not happy with the design for the female cop here. I need to rethink her a bit.