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"What?! The lady at the front desk said there were cops."

"Well I don't see any."

"Lemme look ."

Can you hear what they're talking about in there at all? Maybe put your ear near the gap between the door and the frame?

"I dunno, I mean there's four chairs. Do you think we could hear them if -"

"Wait - if they're not here then - "

There is a click as the door opens and shuts behind them.

"Ahh! Hello!"

"Aaah!" says Bina.

"We went to get coffee," says the taller of the two police officers.

"I'm guessing you two are the ones we're looking for," says the other.

"Oh bugger," says Kendra, with feeling.

"Please don't try to run," says the short one. "I haven't had a coffee yet today and really don't want to spill this one."