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"All right, lets just get these off and-"

"What?" asks Emmie.

"Wow", says Emmie.

"OK," says Melissa. "That's… OK."

Emmit starts, "Is it-"

"All gone?" says Melissa, interrupting. "Looks like it."

"What!?" asks Bina. "Do I have another whatsit?"

"Uhh… no," says Emmie. "But you must tell me your diet and exercise plan. We could write a book and make millions."

"These stitches are going to have to come out," says Melissa in a soft voice. "Already."

"When you came in, your knees were so swollen that, had you been wearing pants, we would have had to cut them off of you. Now, I don't see any inflammation at all."

"That's… good, right?" asks Bina.

"Yes!" says Emmie. "Very good!"

"And it shouldn't be possible," says Melissa, as though Bina's recovery were some kind of personal insult.

Well, that wasn't suspicious. At all.

>Someone is obviously listening in to Aimee's conversation on the other end

"Bina?" says Kendra, pulling the phone away from her ear. "I think we have a problem."