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Does "Hand me those knees" sounds like some kind of weird come-on to anybody else? Like "Hey baby girl, hand me those knees." :winky:


"You know, that sounds like a really weird come on."

"Bina, behave."

"Did you get a hold of Amie?"

"It's ringing but she's not picking up."

"Excuse me," says Melissa. "Did I mention the part where I have to go help a dying person not die? I have to go help a dying person not die. I am delaying that to fix your knees. No more jokes please, just knees!"

> Obligingly hand over the knees


Kendra hears a click from the phone.

"Hello? Amie?"

"Hi Mom!"

"Uh… what?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm good. I'm still at the hospital, just catching up with some old friends from earlier."

"Amie, what are you-"

"All right! Gotta go! See you soon, I hope. Bye!"

* click *



You misspelled intervenes in the title by the way.

I did! Thank you.