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"Hey! Thanks-"

Kendra: Use the phone for Bina's sake. Alternatively, hold the phone for Bina and say that Bina can't hold things with her punctured (woo-woo) arm…?

"How 'bout I take that, don't you think?"

"Oh, err… right."

"Phone number?"

Bina tells her.

"You know I could hear you three all the way down the hall?"

"Ah hello Melissa, has Doctor -"

"Jacobs? Yeah. I don't have much time. I told him I was going to the bathroom."

"Ah," says Emmie, "Well I could always -"


"You know, I did also go to medical school."

"You are not touching my bandages," says Melissa in a tone that signals an end to a discussion.

"Ah well. I can wait and dream."

"Scootch up kid, and hand me those knees."