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Clearly the best course of action is to stand around an "oh Jeeze" about this for at least another ten minutes.

"Oh Jeeze."

"That's not helping."

"She couldn't be trying to, you know, use the thing again, could she?"

"We don't know what she's up too, and it, you know, wouldn't work."


>Call her call her call her

"Why not just call her?" asks Emmie.

"Uh. Good idea, but I'm not sure that one is working," says Bina, pointing to the phone she tried earlier. "I tried to call her before and it didn't connect."

Bina doesn't mention the fact that she thinks Amie might have hung up on her.

"Emmie does have his right there," says Kendra.

"Ah yes," says Emmie. "Try this one."