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Bina: Stay in bed.

Bina: Demand that Kendra fill you in on everything that happened while you were un- and semi-conscious.

After Melissa has left, Bina turns to Kendra and asks, "OK, what the heck happened while I was out?"

Kendra explains about the long conversation she had with Elizabeth and about Phenomenology people she appears to be working for.

"So, they're like the X-Files?"

"Yes! Exactly like that. In fact, if we meet her again, you should describe them in precisely that way so that she knows you're up to speed."

"All right."

Bina listens as Kendra explains about wrangling the large time machine up the stairs and onto the street with a confused and complaining Elizabeth in tow.

"Wait, why did you need the time machine?"

"Do you remember that I had you set our exit time from the Moment to our primary temporal position? 2:30pm?"

"Vaaaaaaguely, I was sort of in the middle of passing out at that point. Why did you do that again? I can't remember."

"Well, Elizabeth was still on a jump. If we stayed in our time, Elizabeth would have snapped back to the point at which she fell, and I was pretty sure she'd also snap back to the place in which she fell which would-"

"- be spectacularly lethal."


"Why not just have me point the Moment back to 8:30 am? This whole thing with the time machine seems super elaborate."

"I thought we'd need it later. The Moment creates entropy when used as a time machine. I think all the time machines do. I don't think the other Bina's cared much about that, because they had, like, an entire universe to burn, but we're almost out of space in there."

"Oooooh, right."

"I thought the hassle was worth having a few extra days."

"OK, OK, keep going."

Kendra continues and gets to the part with Amie.

"Wait, she actually has blue hair? That wasn't a crazy dream?"

"She jumped through time with us and this is what you care about?"

"Well it's a really big thing for her."