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>Wait, Amie?

"Wait, AMIE!?"

"Yeah, about that… You… don't know about that whole thing."

"What whole thing?"

Kendra is suddenly being very cagey.

"Your room-mate sort of…"

"What did she do?" growls Bina.

"She, kind of, sort of, maybe followed us… through… you know… tiiiime?"

"She WHAT!?"

"So who are we talking about?" asks Melissa.

"Uh - nothing - nobody, I mean."

"Riiiiight, sure. Park your butt in here kid and we can take a look at those knees. Mind your IV line, getting a needle into your tiny veins was tough enough the first time."

Bina, choking on more questions, acquiesces.


Kendra's speech before the picture isn't bolded.


Any way we can help? Some of us may or may not have some amount of prior experience making websites for comic purposes.

Hi Dave!

I am really hesitant to accept offers like this, as generous and amazing as they are. The reasons for this are many but it's mostly because All Night Laundry has a bunch of rather weird technical requirements, like the split timelines, which require some complicated cookie and database shenanigans. In addition to that, I intend on building a bunch of other features into the site, like a blog and some other things in the future. This means that it would not be a one-time task, it would be an ongoing thing and that's not something I feel like I can ask of a volunteer.

I also really want to do this myself. I've been trying to do it for, like, years at this point, and it's become one of those personal victory things. I think I finally have all the pieces in various places that I can actually do this thing at this point.

That being said, offers of help are always super welcome and are really really cool. Thank you.