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What … is the plastic for?

Bina asks them what the plastic is for.

Petrovich explains, he uses it to tie you to chair, in front of thing, so you cannot move or look away.

Mrs. Hyung interrupts him then, telling Bina that they just started being able to see into the laundromat a few minutes ago when Gregor came back. He has someone with him, unconscious, but that's not the important thing. Well, it IS important, but, the REALLY important thing is, shut UP Petrovich she's TELLING her, no, no! Shut up! The important thing is that BINA IS STILL THERE!


Her body.

It's still there. Lying on the floor. That's why she has to get back.

She's still in the laundromat.

Note: Something is wrong with this where we find ourselves. It does not work exactly like reality. When suggesting ways to return Bina to the rest of herself, feel free to be whimsical.