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"I did these bandages too fast, the tapes all wrong," mutters Melissa. "I'll redo them when you're back in bed."

Group: Get Bina to bed.

Bina: Protest weakly.

"Mel? Can you get Bina a wheelchair? She looks really tired and I don't want her to fall or anything on the way down the hall."

Bina starts to say, "I'm fine!" but Kendra squeezes her shoulder hard and cuts her off.

"Right, good idea," says Melissa. "I'll grab one from emerge. Be back in a second."

"We're not going anywhere," says Kendra.

"You'd better not be," says Melissa in a tone that promises infinite suffering for those who disobey.

"Hey, Emmie, wait."

Kendra jumps up and half runs to catch up with him.


Oh gosh, thinks Bina feeling herself start to blush, they're even cute together. This is not fair.

"Um… just, thanks. I'm sorry for, um, all this."

"It is my pleasure. I don't know what is going on, but I know you and I know your sister. Neither of you would be doing this without a good reason."

"Huh, yeah."

"Of course," says Emmie with a grin, "I would not oppose an explanation, should you find the time."

With that he vanishes into the gloom and Bina realizes that she and Kendra are alone for at least a few minutes.

"We gotta talk fast before my sister gets back," says Kendra. "This plan of yours not to tell anyone what's going on? It really sucks!"




some kind of puncture(?) wound

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