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Wait, stitches? Don't tell me they stitched up your green hand!

"Stitches!? You didn't -"

"No no," says Kendra. "Just your leg. Don't freak out."

>Did they do something to fix your legs?

"You had an abscess in your right knee," says Melissa, "A pretty bad one, some kind of puncture wound, so we had to stitch it. I think we got all of it out, but I won't know without x-rays."

"X-rays?", says Bina. "Uhh…"

"That's exactly what my sister said when I suggested them earlier. 'X-rays… uhhh…' and then she trailed off. Is there anything that either of you want to tell me?"

Melissa gives the two of them a look, it's almost pleading.

"Err… remember to be practical?" says Bina.

Melissa snorts at her, but Bina has the feeling that she just passed some kind of test. "Well you haven't bled through your bandages, so that's a good sign."

"On that topic," says Emmie, "I need to check the surgical board to see what's happening with the power problems. People will be mucking about with the schedule."

"You could check it on your phone."

"This is what I just tried to do, but of course the servers are off because-"

"Because the power is out, great - check for me too."

>Maybe it's best to return to your room for now, catch up with everyone once you're in a somewhat more comfortable position.

"Yes yes, just please get our young friend into bed. She should not be up and walking around."