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>Check out who is talking.
>Say hello to Kendra with more hugs!

Now that she's found Kendra an enormous weight of anxiety rolls off her back leaving her feeling a little dizzy.

"Umm… hi!"

Bina gives a tiny wave at the two other people in the darkened nurses station.

"Oh, right," says Kendra. "Bina, this is my sister Melissa, she's umm… she is a nurse here and don't worry, she's not actually mad -"

"Oh, I'm mad."

"It can be hard to tell sometimes" says Kendra. "She made that face in third grade and it just sorta got stuck that way."

"Screw you Kendra," says Melissa, and then turns to Bina and tries to smile. "Hello. You speak… very good french."

"Um, thanks," says Bina, who has no idea what her French has to do with anything.

"And the lanky guy is Emmanuel," Kendra continues. "He's my… uh…"

"We have gone on two dates, and now we are doing this together, so, shall we go with 'friend'?"

"Err.. right," says Kendra, with a level of awkwardness Bina has never seen in her before. "Friend."

"Please call me Emmie, everyone does."

"He's an anesthesiologist."

"Which is why I am very surprised you are awake young-lady-whose-name-I-still-don't-know."

"I'm Bina," says Bina. "Thank you for helping me, both of you."

"Ah good," he says, "Now we are acquainted. Not to alarm you, but I gave you quite a large amount of drugs not very long ago. You should be extremely asleep right now."

"You must have messed up the dosage," says Kendra's sister, who must have been the one ranting before Bina interrupted.

"Not unless she's hiding thirty or forty kilos of additional mass somewhere under those rather dreadful looking sweatpants. What we're doing may be of questionable legality, but I have my professional pride."