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What sort of voices, do they sound familiar, or do they sound dangerous?

They sound angry. After long experience listening to her Dad complain about contractors, Bina can identify a rant at fifty paces.

>Don't be Russian, please don't be Russian.

It's French, but the ranter's voice is unknown to her. There are a few murmurs from another lower voice.

Turn off lamp, stand behind the high cover and listen.

Bina concentrates on listening.

"I'm just saying," says the first voice, it sounds as though it's got a good rhythm going.

"You've been saying it for a good ten minutes already."

The second voice is dry and has an unfamiliar accent.

"I'm just saying she could stand to think about how her actions affect other people sometimes."

"I am," says Kendra, "Why the heck do you think I'm here?"