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> Carefully head further outside, not looking at the monitor at all.

> Run over to those couch potatoes and see what they're agitated about.

Bina walks over to the people on the couch, careful to look nowhere near the blinding, flashing thing that is not a television.

Green light, flickering, fills the courtyard. The wires, imbedded in the two watchers on the couch, writhe behind their heads in a fluid organic dance.

Petrovich, not turning his head, (Bina is quite sure now that he can't turn his head) asks if that is her, the girl from before?

Bina tells him yes, who else would it be?

He snorts, and doesn't answer her. He says that she had better be finding out how to get back to the Laundromat very fast, before his nephew comes back from basement, or bad things are going to be happening to her.

His nephew Gregor, he is broken in head, but he does not do much the messing about. He will be finished with the plastic soon, and then that is it for her.