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Guess this means that you've got a way to explore the… pretty dark hospital… geez louise.

Hah ha! Yeah! Just what she wanted…

> Bina: suddenly feel like you're in a horror game.
> Bina: oh wait, you've been in a horror game since you went into the laundry place at god-knows-when.

If she were in a horror game, wouldn't she have more guns? She feels like she should have more guns, or maybe like a sword. She's feeling dramatically under-served in the high-explosives department as well.

> Bina: swear under your breath while strapping the flashlight to the wrist of the non-spooky hand if possible.

It does have a little loop strap thing. She loops her wrist through it, careful not to tangle it with the IV line.

She looks around to make sure she's not forgetting something and absolutely not because she really doesn't want to go out into that dark hallway at all.

She considers taking the bag, just in case, but what would be the point?


After several months without anything to use the internet with, I can finally read my favorite fanventure again!

Hey Juddy! Glad to see you again!