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Is your reflection in the mirror doing exactly the same thing you're doing?

Yeah, it's looking pale and scared too.

When you looked outside was there was someone walking to their car in the parking lot; would anyone be doing that if the hospital was abandoned?

Would an abandoned hospital still be stocked with medical supplies? Or even still have running water?

>Maybe you're just in a really crappy hospital?

Unless it's a recently abandoned hospital… that's a potentially unsettling thought.

No? She doesn't know. Would they really evacuate the hospital just for her?

It can't be totally abandoned, there was that person walking to their car.

She'd… she'd better…

Where's Kendra!?

OK, no more of that, all she has to do is keep moving. She hasn't checked all the drawers or side tables yet.

Might as well start with what's in arms reach. She checks the bathroom cabinet.

It's empty save for dust and a tiny rusted spring that might have come from some kind of cleaning tool.

OK, that's not a problem. No problem. Not a problem. She'll just try the other ones.

Of course this one will be empty as well, and then she'll have too - wait.

A flash-light, a pretty good one. The handle is covered in thick rubbery plastic.

The battery even works.

That's… convenient.